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To download a Free Trial version of our software OR order a Free demo CD to be posted to you, please select the "Try it" button next to the product you want.

Dolphin Guide Demo (30 day)

Try Dolphin Guide nowSimple talking computing for people with sight loss
Dolphin Guide Fulle produktdetaljer

Dolphin Publisher Demo (30 day)

Try Dolphin Publisher nowCreate human narrated talking books
Dolphin Publisher Fulle produktdetaljer

EasyConverter Demo (30 day)

Try EasyConverter nowMake information accessible
EasyConverter Fulle produktdetaljer

EasyReader Demo (30 day)

Try EasyReader nowAccessible eBook reader
EasyReader Fulle produktdetaljer

EasyReader Express Demo (reads supplied content only)

Try EasyReader Express nowDeliver instant DAISY talking books
EasyReader Express Fulle produktdetaljer

SaySo Demo (30 day)

Try SaySo nowThe reading and writing toolbar for dyslexia
SaySo Fulle produktdetaljer

ScreenReader Demo (30 day)

Try ScreenReader nowFor people who are blind
ScreenReader Fulle produktdetaljer

SuperNova Magnifier Demo (30 day)

Try SuperNova Magnifier nowFor people with low vision
SuperNova Magnifier Fulle produktdetaljer

SuperNova Magnifier & Screen Reader Demo (30 day)

Try SuperNova Magnifier & Screen Reader nowFor every visual impairment
SuperNova Magnifier & Screen Reader Fulle produktdetaljer

SuperNova Magnifier & Speech Demo (30 day)

Try SuperNova Magnifier & Speech nowFor people with partial or fluctuating sight
SuperNova Magnifier & Speech Fulle produktdetaljer

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