10 Things to Know about EasyConverter

  1. EasyConverter's simple to use interface walks you through the steps to make your own alternative format documents even if you've never made an alt format before
  2. A variety of scanners work with the software, and more are being tested all the time.
    Visit our list of recommended scanners.
  3. PDFs? Fear no more, as EasyConverter tackles these as well as HTML, plain text, NIMAS files, DAISY XML, Word documents, Kurzweil project files, image files and unprotected EPUB files.
  4. EasyConverter's intelligently detects headings to be used as navigation points for your DAISY books.
  5. Get your favorite RealSpeak voice included to read your books, or use any unlocked synthesizer on your computer to record the audio for DAISY and MP3s
  6. Large print pagination is in the design! Your Large print pages will automatically read both the original page number and the adjusted page number for easy reference
  7. Adjust your Large Print for your needs with the maximum and minimum character sizes set the way you need.
  8. Looks good and sounds good. EasyConverter's smooth interface does not take away from its screen reader compatibility, so even our favorite SuperNova and Hal users can make use of Dolphin's newest tool.
  9. Choose a "Quick Conversion" for speed or create a "new project" for more detailed work.
  10. The growing legislation on inclusion and accessibility means that EasyConverter allows you to not only meet your readers alternative media needs, but also to meet your legal requirements!