Unlock Codes revolutionise the Blatchington Court Trust

Blatchington Court Trust LogoThe Blatchington Court Trust in the UK has seen a tremendous change in the way it services its clients since adopting the use of Unlock Codes for the activation of Dolphin’s software solutions.  Michael Collett from the Blatchington Court Trust commented; “I think we started using Unlock codes as soon as they were available.  By using the 30 day Demo CD and a unlock code it makes sure we can supply the appropriate software to the end user.”

One of the true benefits identified by Michael Collett is just how easy it is to convert Dolphin’s demo products into the full software solutions without increasing their carbon footprint.  “The unlock process is very easy to do, even for new computer users.  The combination of broadband, the demo CD and un-lock codes works very well.” 

The adoption of unlock codes has enabled them to enhance the services they are able to offer to include training and assessment sessions.  “If it’s a new client we could prepare the equipment with a demo copy of the appropriate software or SuperNova (if not sure what is required).  Then the assessment time becomes a training and setup session, allowing the client to take away the equipment with at least three weeks of the trial period remaining to explore the different settings....Unlock codes allows us to buy the right product at anytime convenient to ourselves and the client, we aren’t dependent on couriers or the post office for distribution.”

The Blatchington Court Trust has been truly delighted by switching over to this new delivery method and when asked to sum up their personal experience they were delighted to state.  “Unlock codes are efficient, cost effective and green!”