EasyConverter Braille Output options

Image of EasyConverter settings iconEasyConverter allows you to tailor your Braille output either by:

Using EasyConverter's own powerful Braille translation engine

Or by using your preferred third-party Braille translation software, such as Duxbury or Index WinBraille


EasyConverter Braille translation engine

The EasyConverter Braille translation engine incorporates several advanced features and offers you the opportunity to tailor your Braille output. The EasyConverter Braille translation engine enables you to:

  • Recognise various document features, including headings and subheadings, bulleted and numbered lists, footnotes, tables and tabulation, images, page breaks, tables of contents and cross-references.
  • Choose the Braille language code to use, including multilingual support. Available Braille codes include UK English, US English, Swedish, French, German, Dutch and Unified English Braille. Contracted and uncontracted Braille grades are also available.
  • Select whether to use capitalised Braille where appropriate.
  • Choose a style format template to specify how the Braille is laid out
  • Add automatic hyphenation into the Braille conversion to automatically divide words over 2 lines where necessary.
  • Select whether to include references to the original (source document) page numbers along with the new Braille page numbers.
  • Choose the default line spacing of your Braille document. The options include single, double and triple line spacing.
  • Choose whether to respect the text alignment, line spacing, document languages, bold, italic or underlined text, blank lines, hard line and page breaks in the original document
  • Detect web and email addresses and Braille them in the computer Braille code as defined by your selected language profile
  • Determine how images are handled during the conversion process. Options include to ignore all images, render all images which have an alternative text description associated, or render all images even if they don't have an alternative text description associated.
  • Select how tables are handled during the conversion process. Options include to ignore all tables, or render tables in paragraph form. (In paragraph form, each row of the table is Brailled as a paragraph with each column separated by a semicolon; empty cells are represented by a dash)
  • Choose the Braille paper size and page margins.
  • Select your Braille embosser from the list of embossers (and printers) installed on your system.


EasyConverter Braille Editor

EasyConverter also includes a built-in Braille Editor. The Braille Editor enables users to:

  • Display your Braille document as it will appear embossed
  • View the back-translation bar to display the text in the current Braille line
  • Edit your Braille document using either QWERTY or six-key Braille input