10 reasons why Dolphin customers love our Screen Readers

One of the most common questions asked by visitors to Dolphin staff at exhibitions all round the world is; "What makes Dolphin's Screen Readers stand out from the rest of the crowd?"

Although this is a very good question, it is one Dolphin staff find extremely easy to answer.  In fact why come up with just a couple of reasons when so many immediately jump to mind:

  1. Dolphin's Screen Readers have the functionality available for users to have speech available at the user logon screen for Windows.  To enable this functionality simply select the speech drop down box and then scroll down to the preferences option and select the option.  Then tab through the options till you reach Logon Screen and select the tick box titled speech.
  2. Dolphin's Screen Readers are backed up by knowledgeable, experienced and local product support operatives.  Offering you the piece of mind, that if you require any assistance it's available in your language for FREE, for the lifetime of your product.
  3. Dolphin software, and its accompanying documentation, is fully translated into a range of different languages.  Including English (both UK and US), Swedish, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Icelandic, as well as many more.  For a full list of languages supported by each product please click on the available languages option on the particular product webpage.
  4. All of Dolphin's Screen Readers have comprehensive support for Braille.  This means that within Hal and SuperNova you have complete support for Braille Input and Output by combining Hal/SuperNova with a Braille display.
  5. Dolphin's Screen Readers allow you to take complete control of speech and Braille verbosity (the term verbosity simply relates to the amount of information you wish to receive as you navigate through an application).  They even offer the user a number of preset verbosity levels and the ability to configure verbosity by type of control.
  6. Dolphin frequently release FREE updates to their Screen Reader software.
  7. Hal & SuperNova can automatically announce changes in the text style, such as font, colour, point size, underline, italics, bold.
  8. Don't worry about losing any saved application and situation specific settings you may have created.  As Dolphin's Screen Readers can save your settings ready for the next time you launch the software.
  9. Do you want to be able to automatically check for available online updates?  With Dolphin Screen Readers you can!  To enable this functionality simply select the "Map" drop down box and then scroll down to the "Automatic Update Settings" option and select the option.  Now just select how often you would like to check for updates.  (An internet connection is required for updates.)
  10. SuperNova is the world's only full Screen Reader and Screen Magnifier in a single product.  Offering you a seamless and stable transition between magnification and speech whenever you require it.