Bug Fixes and Improvements in version 10.02

Internet Explorer

FIX: Issue resolved with a crash in the Hotmail composition window handling code.
FIX: Added some new code to fix some other Hotmail related problems.
FIX: Heading navigation hotkey (H to move to next heading or SHIFT + H while browsing web pages with Hal or Supernova) was reporting blank line if the heading was a graphic.
FIX: Resolved some reported instances of Lunar and LunarPlus crashing when using Internet Explorer.
FIX: Resolved some issues with Internet Explorer and hotmail edit area (New message). Use CAPSLOCK + ENTER to toggle automatic forms mode, or ENTER to interact with an edit area while not in Forms Mode.
FIX: Resolved the problems with the web page specific map file setting not working.
FIX: Some issues with creating or deleting web page specific settings have now been resolved. Web page specific settings can be found from: Control Panel>Speech>Documents Settings>Internet Explorer.
FIX: Fixed a reported hang on http://www.boschsecurity.se/.
FIX: Fixes some instances of Google translate web page inserting "<Dolphin Text>"
FIX: Fixed the reported lock of Dolphin software when opening the website http://www.netwerk.tv
FIX: Resolved the issue of certain pages not going into Virtual Focus.
FIX: Fixed accessibility link issue with www.Yourdolphin.com/scripts.
FIX: Resolved frame parsing issue on www.wetten.nl.


FIX: Text nodes are now processed as they are encountered and not all at once when the page loads. This should significantly improve load time on long pages.
NEW: Added new function to allow on-demand scanning of nodes.
NEW: Added detection of Google mail compose area as an edit area.
CHANGE: Improved text line parsing in Firefox.
CHANGE: Improved scanning of text lines Firefox.
FIX: Links list now respects "show URLs in list of links" setting, rather than always showing URLs. Use CAPSLOCK + 1 to show list of links and CAPSLOCK + TAB to list all elements.
FIX: Resolved some reported access problems to the GMail compose edit area.
FIX: Fixed the navigating to previous heading problems. Use SHIFT + H to move to previous heading while in the Virtual Focus.
FIX: Implemented some minor improvements to text line parsing that prevent the possible rescan on browser exit.
FIX: A code change to reduce the risk of the Virtual Focus becoming stuck after a page has loaded.
FIX: Improved activation of intra-page links when excising URL already contains a '#'.
FIX: Fixed some reported issues relating to navigation by paragraph. Use P and SHIFT + P to navigate to next and previous paragraph while in the Virtual Focus.
FIX: Fixed crash when typing address and blank page is displayed.
FIX: Some code changes have been implemented to reduce the number of page re-scans required.
FIX: Resolved a crash issue when searching for nonexistent heading.
FIX: Fixed table cell index reporting.
FIX: Modified event handler code to cope with Facebook, Hotmail and GMail.
FIX: Corrected activation of links ending with '#'.
FIX: Now recognises special Hotmail compose box as an input edit area.
FIX: Resolved a crash after de-allocating text.
FIX: On connecting to a document, move to the live focus if one exists rather than the top of the page.
FIX: Prevent Virtual Focus moving through children of a combo box when it is the first item in a page.
FIX: Added group name to radio buttons and check button labels.
FIX: Enabled detection of Hotmail composition area as an edit area.
FIX: The developers have now prevented users tabbing to disabled controls.
FIX: Announce if a control is read-only or disabled.
FIX: v10.02 in Firefox now labels hidden controls as users would experience in Internet Explorer.
FIX: Prevent disabled controls from being activated.
FIX: When getting a link for the list utility, check if it is hidden so this can be displayed.
FIX: Prevent events from trying to execute when shutting down.

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