Bug Fixes and Improvements in version 10.02 Continued


NEW: Added Welsh literary Braille tables. In Hal and Supernova choose your preferred Braille table from Control Panel>Braille>Preferences.
NEW: The activation system now remembers previous hardware and activation codes to allow for laptop docking and other expected hardware changes - avoiding the need to re-activate every time.
NEW: Script hotkey and action functions can now be tested for specific area types or filters.
FIX: Resolved a report issue in MS Word where the range for the end of the current line was being set to the end of the document. This had resulted in lock ups and should now perform as expected.
FIX: Fixed a memory leak when using events to hook automatic output.
FIX: Developers have removed the delay between the screen reader detecting the start of a new application and it loading the relevant script for it.
FIX: Resolved an issue where MS Word text was not being announced when you tabbed between cells in a Word table.
FIX: Update code to prevent the Braille line "vanishing" when selecting text in Microsoft Word.
FIX: Resolved the issue where certain magnification settings were being selected incorrectly when starting up with the Supernova control panel set to menu bar mode i.e. if you restarted Supernova then the magnification was set to split screen. Choose the magnification mode from Control Panel>Visual>Style. Choose the Control Panel appearance from Control Panel>Configure>Control Panel.
FIX: Resolved an known issue in Acrobat Reader where moving the Virtual Focus Physical Up and Virtual Focus Physical Down now performs a "previous/next page" in Virtual Focus. This is performing the same action as a Page Up/Down key press in live focus.
FIX: V10.02 provides initial support for text selection, copy and paste Virtual Focus in Acrobat Reader. Use SHIFT + CURSOR keys to select text almost anywhere while using Virtual Focus.
FIX: Resolved a script locking issue in Word 2003 and 2007.
FIX: Resolved a Braille issue where the information in the Windows volume track bar was displayed in reverse order.
FIX: Resolved an additional issue where the incorrect track bar value was reported on the Braille display when running Windows Vista.
FIX: Resolved an known problem where the script keys defined in the default script could be overwritten by the keys defined for the current script.
FIX. Fixed a reported issue where a crash occurred setting the script hotkeys.
FIX: Scripts not being loaded for applications already running, before the screen reader started up has now been resolved.
FIX: The reported crash when importing scripts after an Internet update has been fixed. To update from Internet, choose the Internet Updater from Control Panel>Help>Check for Updates.
FIX: The "Activate" menu option was not being removed even if the product was activated in a beta version. This bug is now fixed.
FIX: The issue of the Virtual Focus "Find" operation/script function not using the direction from the marker has now been resolved.
FIX: Fixed the problem where the events for the Default Application script were getting the incorrect process id.
FIX: Fixed some memory leaks in the scripting system.
FIX: Script loader was failing if the .dtl file had multiple full stops in the filename.
FIX: Removed the "Launch <product> after logon" menu option from the product Control Panel if running the Dolphin Pen. If not using the Dolphin Pen launch after log-on can be selected from Control Panel>Configure>Miscellaneous>Launch Product after logon.
FIX: Resolved an issue where not all automatic output was being sent on to the script event EventAutomaticSpeech.
FIX: A fix has been implemented for the possible crash when announcing text selections in Acrobat Reader.
FIX: Resolved the reported issue where if you dragged the start-up wizard visual effects dialogue the preview highlight moves.
FIX: The check for updates radio buttons in the start-up wizard no longer has keyboard navigation problems.

Scripting Engine

NEW: A new "Extensions" button has been added to the "Map File Management" dialog to show which extension scripts have been loaded for a particular script.
NEW: System.RegisterScriptKey now takes optional area type and filter parameters.
NEW: System.GetFunction now works with 'a.b' style functions.
NEW: System.GetFunction now returns a second value which contains further information about the function.
NEW: Added System.EnumerateWindows and System.EnumerateChildWindows
NEW: Added Screenreader.OSMCommand.
NEW: Added EventScriptMSAAEvent.
NEW: Added DWORD registry setting 'ScriptDebugFunctionOutput' to control whether function debug output is created when entering / leaving a script function.
NEW: Added AddDetectionFunction.
NEW: Scripting. Added support for EventAutomaticBraille and EventAutomaticSpeech.
NEW: Detection scripts are now called with the scan code and modifier values of the last key pressed.
NEW: Added support for Screenreader.OSMCommand which allows the script engine to query the off screen model directly.
NEW: Added SetAreaProperties and AddDetectionFunction call backs.
NEW: Scripters are now able to access the name of the context for an area in GetAreaProperties.
New: Added 'context' member to GetAreaProperties table.
FIX: Previously if you were hooking automatic output, attributes were being re-checked when they should not have been. This has now been resolved.
FIX: A memory leak on script engine reload or closedown has been resolved.
FIX: A fix has been implemented for the LuaCom crash when reloading script in Microsoft Project 2007.
FIX: A parameter bug in System.ExtractRGB has been fixed.
FIX: The code for how external call backs are handled has been improved.
FIX: The Area.GetProperties was returning an empty string for the 'tag' member in some situations. This is now resolved.
FIX: The slider, scrollbar & trackbar states were not being reported correctly from Area.GetState if they were zero. This is now fixed.

Script Editor Specific Changes

NEW: Auto complete fills in brackets if the function has no parameters.
NEW: Added support for user defined functions (APIUser.txt). These function definitions are then added to the auto complete list
FIX: The crash from outputting certain characters to the debug window has been fixed.
FIX: The issue relating to only showing the revert confirmation message when the file has been modified in the editor, has now be resolved.
FIX. The memory corruption after using auto complete to complete a line starting with a tab has been fixed.
FIX: Code has been improved to keep the function tool tip visible (if it is showing) when using the constant auto complete menu.
FIX: The auto complete has been modified so it doesn't try and auto complete inside comments.
FIX: You can now focus the function list with CTRL + U.
FIX: Inserting a constant after using the auto complete would replace the current line. This has been resolved.
FIX: v10.02 has added support for page up/down in auto complete popup.
FIX: A fix has been implemented for the colour settings that were intermittently failing.

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