5 fantastic reasons to go for EasyReader

1. EasyReader broadens the appeal of DAISY talking books:

Image of EasyReader Bookmarks iconEasyReader version 5 is the only software talking book reader that is visually engaging and easy to use for dyslexic readers, while remaining fully accessible and intuitive for visually impaired readers alike. As such, EasyReader version 5 broadens the appeal of DAISY to all readers who can benefit from accessing reading materials in a combination of speech and highlighted text.


2. EasyReader is extremely user friendly:

Image of EasyReader Speak to Me iconDeveloped off the back of extensive international usability testing, EasyReader version 5 is extremely easy and intuitive to use, requiring absolutely NO TRAINING. In addition, the inclusion of clear human sounding voices mean that the EasyReader reading experience is better than ever!


3. Do more with DAISY books in EasyReader:

Image of EasyReader Play buttonWith EasyReader, you can do even more with your book than you can with a printed version. You can jump to any heading, sentence or paragraph in your book, add bookmarks with text-based notes or recorded audio, and search through your books for words and phrases, listing every instance of words or phrases in a matter of seconds!


4. Play your own DAISY content with EasyReader:

Image of EasyReader Book Voice iconEasyReader can play back a variety of different talking book formats, not forgetting text and HTML files, and the text-only DTBook XML created using the free Microsoft Word Save as DAISY plug-in. In addition, readers can playback any content made using Dolphin’s AltFormat creation tools, EasyConverter, EasyProducer, and Dolphin Publisher.


5. EasyReader is affordable for ALL readers

Priced at only 40 in the UK, $55 in the US and €55 across Europe for a single user license, EasyReader is not only the most feature rich software talking book reader, but also the best value solution available. EasyReader can be used at home for leisure reading, but is also ideal for multi user environments, such as school, libraries and other institutions. With 3 fantastic site license prices to choose from, you can tailor your EasyReader license to fit your institutions needs.


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