eLearning Credits (eLCs)

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Dolphin is now an Approved Content Provider for Curriculum Online. This means that you can now spend your e-Learning credits (ELCs) with Dolphin directly.

Which Dolphin products are eligible?

You can currently purchase Dolphin EasyReader with your eLCs. For the most recent information please check with our sales team.

What are eLCs?

The UK Government has set aside substantial funds for schools to spend on multimedia resources in the form of eLCs (eLearning Credits). The money is distributed from central Government via LEAs to individual schools, which decide locally how to spend it.

In some cases, schools may decide to pool their allotted eLC money in order to make larger purchases for shared use. Schools may also decided to authorise their LEA or RBC (Regional Broadband Consortium) to spend eLC money on their behalf - for example, to obtain a greater diversity of products or to make bulk purchases.

Every school has an appointed eLC budget-holder (eg: head of department, Bursar or ICT coordinator). All teachers are invited to recommend resources for purchase.

By April 2006 schools will have received 330million in eLC money. In addition a further 125 million has been allocated over the next two years; 75 million in 2006-07 and 50 million in 2007-08 will be ring-fenced and only available for spending on Curriculum Online approved products and services.

eLCs in a nutshell: 

  • What are eLCs? Money set aside for your school to spend on multimedia resources. Multimedia resources are generally defined as items of educational software designed to support the teaching of the curriculum in England. They cannot be spent on hardware such as computers or projectors.
  • Which schools? Funding is available for all Government-funded nursery, primary and secondary education, up to and including Key Stage 4.
  • Where's our money? Your school should be receiving funds already. Check with your eLC budget-holder or LEA. 
  • How do I use eLCs? Ask your eLC budget for approval, then order direct from the supplier (Dolphin) saying you are using eLCs.
  • When do you have to spend eLCs? All Standards Fund grants must be spent by the end of the academic year (31st August) to ensure their effective use. If the money has not been spent by the deadline, the DfES will reclaim the money from LEAs so it can be redistributed to other areas. In practise "spent" means that schools must have either placed orders for resources or paid for ordered resources by 31 August. If an invoice is yet to be received and/or paid prior to 31 August, then the expenditure should be recorded as "committed" in the school accounts. The outstanding invoices can then be paid after 31 August.

If you have any other questions about using your credits or which Dolphin products are e-Learning credit eligible, please contact our Sales team for advice.

For further details about the Curriculum Online scheme please visit their website at: www.curriculumonline.gov.uk