EasyConverter Large Print output options

EasyConverter output settings icon.Tailor the creation of your Large Print alternative format to exactly how you want it.

The Large Print output settings offers you the opportunity to tailor your alternative format to the text size and font that the recipient requests.

  • Quickly and intelligently enlarges your document to your preferred large print settings.
  • Choose the font size you require, also ensuring that smaller and larger font sizes remain within your minimum and maximum font size preferences.
  • Choose the font styles and colours that are preferable, or opt to retain the document's existing fonts and colours.
  • Edit your document's popular font styles by choosing to replace Bold, Italic and underlined text with a choice of keeping the font style, removing the style, or replacing the styles with underlined, bold or italicised text.
  • Select to print in all of the printable area of your printer's settings.
  • Remove blank lines of a set chosen number or greater, ie: 3 blank lines or more
  • Select to remove the left indent.
  • For image and objects that don't fit in the large print scaling, choose not to scale, Scale to the page width, Change the page to landscape, Create an appendix or Create an insert.
  • Set the output large print document to include line spacing that suits your client's needs.
  • Set the output large print document to include paragraph spacing to preserve your document's settings, remove the paragraph spacing, scaled up paragraph settings.
  • An option to include the input document's page numbers in the output document location that you choose with a numbering scheme that suits.
  • Output your large print document to your preferred printer.
  • Save your newly created large print document straight to your preferred file location, or burn direct to CD.

View the EasyConverter Large Print output settings.