Citrix and Terminal Server Support Pack Available

Support for 32 bit Citrix, 64 bit Citrix and Terminal Server environments is available as a 'Citrix & Terminal Server Support pack' for all the editions of SuperNova.  

By delivering any combination of speech, magnification and Braille display support, organizations are able to meet the accessibility requirements of staff with a variety of visual impairments, as well as meeting their disability legislation obligations.

Thin Client terminal Compatible
Screen reader & Braille display support is available for thin clients.  Please note: a hardware synthesizer is required if the thin client does not run Windows XP or Windows Vista and does not have a soundcard built in.*

Thick Client Compatible
Screen magnifier, screen reader, and Braille display support are all available for thick clients.

Accurate Speech, Magnification and Braille Tracking
Your Dolphin software can be installed to the server, so the magnification, speech and Braille can all accurately track the application being run through your Citrix or Terminal Server session. 

Dolphin's Citrix and Terminal Server support remains fast and responsive enabling your visually impaired computers users to be fully productive. **

Compatible with Dolphin Scripts and maps
Not all applications are truly accessible and may result in low productivity, prove generally tricky or just plain inaccessible. Dolphin Scripting can remove these barriers by creating a bespoke 'script' that ensures your systems are seamlessly speech, magnification and Braille compatible. Learn more about Scripts at

What's included in the Dolphin Citrix & Terminal Server Support pack?

  1. A SuperNova guide to Citrix & Terminal Server installations.
  2. SuperNova installation videos for Citrix & Terminal Server environments.
  3. SuperNova troubleshooting videos for Citrix & Terminal Server environments.
  4. A SuperNova network code, permitting installation onto all servers requiring access by the licensed user within the licensed organisation.
  5. A prebooked Question & Answer (Q&A) webinar session with Dolphin's Support Team to enable you to ask questions about installation, support and more.
  6. Access to Dolphin's product support team for questions and support for SuperNova in Citrix & Terminal Server environments.
  7. Your 'SuperNova for Citrix & Terminal Server' license agreement.

Product Support

From October 1st 2011, Dolphin will only be able to offer product support for SuperNova's installations in Citrix & Terminal Server environments, where a "Citrix & Terminal Server Pack" has been purchased from Dolphin.


The price for a Citrix & Terminal Server Support Pack is based on the number of seats or users.

Please contact Dolphin or your local Dolphin dealer for a price quotation based on your requirements.

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* Please note that between 100 to 200Mb of static/semi-static memory is required.

** Magnification is more responsive under Citrix's ICA protocol, than when using Terminal Services' RDP protocol.