Dolphin Computer Access Solutions

Traditionally Computer Access software or Assistive Technology consists of screen reading or magnification tools. Dolphin is unique in offering a combined solution that delivers speech, magnification and Braille in one single, stable package - SuperNova Access Suite. This offers the user many advantages such as being able to vary the support needed throughout the day or even to last a lifetime during deteriorating vision conditions. For group access situations and network administrators this can make life much easier when catering for a number of people with different requirements from the same computer.

Whether at school, at home, at work or on the move, Dolphin's goal is to ensure its clients are able to enjoy the same kind of independence, access and mobility as anyone else.  Dolphin offer a range of solutions that work on desktop PCs, laptop computers, tablets, PDAs or smart phones - including network environments. Most Dolphin software is also available on a USB Pen drive. The famous Dolphin Pen allows you to run your Dolphin Access software directly from the portable USB device, on any PC you like.

Both vision and print impaired groups can benefit from our alternative format tools, to convert text materials into Braille, audio or Digital Talking Books.

Dolphin's range of Computer Access Solutions:
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  • SuperNova – Combined screen reader and screen magnifier with full Braille support.
  • SaySo – Reading and Writing toolbar for dyslexia.
  • Dolphin Pen - Access software on a portable USB pen drive.

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