Working on the move

Dolphin's goal is to ensure its clients are able to enjoy the same kind of independence and mobility as the rest of the work force. 

Encourage mobile work patterns and 'hot desking' – staff can work remotely with Dolphin’s mobile, solutions.

With the development of wireless technology, broadband and Bluetooth devices it is increasingly easy to perform regular tasks away from your desk. Smartphones (mobile phones) allow users to write notes, check emails and use the Internet wherever they are. Coupled with Dolphin’s Smart Hal mobile computing is now accessible to all. Blind or visually impaired individuals can now select a mainstream device and make it talk with Smart Hal.
By using a mainstream portable device with a Windows operating system, users are able to benefit from access to third party software and files can easily be shared with colleagues. These devices can also synchronise with other office systems.

Most Dolphin Computer Access software is also available on a USB Pen drive. The Dolphin Pen allows employees to run their own software directly from the portable USB device, enabling them to work on any compatible computer throughout the office. If staff need to work from home the Dolphin Pen can simply be plugged into their home computer and operated as if at work, configured just how you want it.