Why choose a Dolphin Accredited Trainer?

Training on Dolphin software is provided through a regional network of Dolphin Accredited Trainers, able to provide training for Dolphin Software users of all abilities.

Dolphin takes pride in its training, and by choosing a Dolphin Accredited Trainer, you can be sure to find:

  • Training that meets Dolphin's standards of training excellence: All of Dolphin's Trainers have been through Dolphin's Training Academy, and are certified as meeting Dolphins standards of excellence in both up to date product knowledge and expertise.
  • Trainers who understand disability: All of our trainers have experience working with people with visual impairments, and many live with visual impairments themselves, which we believe puts them in the best position to help Dolphin software users get the most out of their software.
  • Flexible training options tailored to suit your requirements: From single sessions, through to regular coaching, our trainers provide options to suit your time and budget.
  • Training delivered locally: Dolphin have trainers based in most regions of the UK, and many are willing to travel to your home, or place of work.
  • Dolphin accredited training material available on request: All trainers are given access to Dolphin's most up to date training material

What type of training is available?photo of a trainer with a man sitting at a laptop, smiling

  • Private one to one training
  • Private group training
  • Public group training
  • Telephone training

Search for your nearest Dolphin Accredited trainer in our online directory.