Dolphin Mapping and Scripting for SuperNova Course Outline

image of cogsWhether you represent a large employer or Government department, ensuring your proprietary applications are accessible to your visually impaired employees can be a real challenge. Dolphin's Scripting engine offers the flexibility to customise the behaviour of SuperNova's magnification, speech and Braille output for just about every situation. Ensure all your employees have the best and most comprehensive information available to them, no matter their level of sight loss. This course covers the creation of 'Scripts' drawing on the trainees existing Lua programming knowledge, as well as 'Mapping'- Dolphin's intuitive and easy-to-use training mode.

Who is it for?

  • IT professionals with responsibility for the accessibility of proprietary applications
  • Commercial script writers

Please note knowledge of the Lua programming language is a prerequisite of attending this course.

Course Objectives

  • Understand the role of Training Mode and how it can be used to retrieve information
  • Identify the various script functions that are prebuilt into SuperNova and what can be accomplished using them
  • Create a script and implement functions to make applications accessible or to add functionality
  • Understand the functionality of the Dolphin Script Editor and its role in developing scripts

Course Content

  • Script Files: Introduction to scripts and extension scripts, the aims of scripting and the Lua programming language
  • Map files: Introduction to map files, Training mode screen, the relevance of map files
  • SuperNova Areas Tree
  • Scripting Examples: Functions, script generated dialogues and detection scripts, calling script functions to connect to COM objects and calling script functions to call dlls
  • Dolphin Script Editor, its features and the advantages


3-day course at Dolphin Computer Access in Worcester.

For more information, to confirm prices and to book places on this course, please contact the Dolphin sales team or email