Trainer Case Studies

Modern-Eyes: Group training programmes

Dolphin Accredited Trainers Sue Allard, Rob Edwards, and Joseph Bentley of Modern-Eyes provide forty week training programmes, supporting groups of ten to twelve Dolphin users based in Cheltenham and Gloucester. This year Modern-Eyes have taken three groups of users through their EDCC, and presented a total of thirty three EDCC certificates. The certificates varied from beginner email and word processing to web browsing, Windows management and more!

The computer groups meet for a few hours, once a week, for a programme of forty weeks. This allows training to be delivered in a bite-size fashion, so users take and retain as much as possible from the sessions, which has proved a great success, as one Dolphin software user comments:

"I built up my knowledge in little bit each week, and consolidated this by practical exercises during the following week. This worked well".

Furthermore, this effective bite-size approach is supplemented with useful take-home course reference materials, made available in a variety of formats to users, such as large print, Braille, and Daisy talking book, allowing users helpful guidance outside of the training sessions.

Modern-Eyes are careful to tailor each session to the user and their individual learning needs, which further allowed for increased achievement, as Sue Allard reveals:

"We believe we have achieved such a good success rate with our groups because we tailor our work to each individual learner, so everyone does just what they want to do, at their own pace. We can have a room full of learners, all doing different things, at different levels! It makes for a lot of hard work on our part but it is also great fun and certainly seems to give great results."

Therefore, careful preparation and delivery of bite-size group training programmes has allowed users to successfully grow in their confidence and ability to use Dolphin software. However, users also appear to enjoy and benefit from the sociability of the group situation; allowing users to interact, and share experiences:

"The classes are not just about learning the complications of specialist software, but so very much about being with, interacting, and sharing our various experiences of 'how to cope' on a daily basis with as much freedom and choice as any normal adult. This shared support becomes a comfortable helpline and a social network, enabling confidence to grow, and the ability to help ourselves."

For many, the interaction and support of the other students, is as important at the training itself, rendering training in this group scenario a favourable, and enjoyable option for software users at home.

Group training programmes have proved not only a successful venture for Modern-Eyes, but an incredibly valuable experience for the users who have been trained through the programmes they run. Are you interested in setting up something similar in your local area, or want more information, please contact the Training Academy