Meet Andrew Main - National Senior Learner of the Year

Adult Learners' Week logoCondemned to sudden loss of sight through a previously undiagnosed genetic disorder - retired Andrew Main remains an active social worker and trade union negotiator, thanks to Dolphin Guide.

Andy quickly regained his confidence and powers of communication through new computer skills acquired at Dudley College. Using Dolphin Guide's simple talking menus to write letters, send emails and more, Andy has been able to successfully resume his high-level trade union activity.

This commitment to learning was recognized when Andrew was awarded the National Senior Learner Award for 2011 during the 20th Adult Learners' Week. Alan Tuckett, NIACE Chief Executive, said;

"The transformation that Andy has experienced is due to his dedication, persistence and ambition. I hope that adults across the country will be inspired by Andy's story to take up learning and discover for themselves a whole new life."

Andrew Main talks about losing his site and learning to use a computer with Dolphin Guide at his local College in this video:

  Andrew gets started with Dolphin Guide

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