LPI Accreditation

Dolphin is proud to be an Accredited Learning Provider of the Learning and Performance Institute (formerly the 'Institute of IT Training' or IITT). This means:

  • We conform to a professional Code of Practice including a complaints procedure administered by the industry's professional body. This gives you the confidence in the quality of our service provision and comfort that there is an independent escalation process.
  • Our marketing is honest, verifiable and accurately represents the training services that we provide.
  • We deliver objectives-specific training which facilitates the measurement, analysis and external reporting of the success in meeting stated learning outcomes.
  • We provide support and back-up to the training to ensure that stated learning objectives are achieved.
  • Our instructional material is up-to-date, fit for purpose and appropriate to the level of training and to the training situation.
  • Trainers are technically competent with appropriate subject matter expertise.
  • Learning is business-focused.
  • Our equipment is reliable and appropriate to the subject and audience.
  • Learning environments are conducive to effective learning including appropriate trainer-student ratios.

Learning and Performance Institute logo (link to their website)