Product Activation FAQs

What is Product Activation?

Product Activation is a process that activates your software by allocating one of your software licenses to the computer that you are using.

What happens if I don’t activate?

Without a valid software license, your software will stop working after 30 days.

Why 30 days?

This should give you ample time to activate your product and avoid your 30 days expiring. Problems with the Internet can occur which may prevent you from activating immediately, so Dolphin recommends that you activate at the same time as installing your product and do not wait until the last possible moment at the end of the 30-day period.

Why have Dolphin introduced this?

Product Activation will help you keep track of all of your software licences.
Product Activation will help you ensure that you are always running a legal copy of the software. You will no longer need to keep track manually of how many times you have installed the software to ensure that you do not risk breaking the terms of the licence agreement or risk breaking the law.

How many times can I install my software?

This is specified in your software licence agreement.

What if I disagree with the terms of the licence agreement?

By activating your software, you must agree to the terms of the software licence agreement. Providing you have not activated your software, you can return your software to your place of purchase for a full refund.

What happens if I try to install my software more than the allowed number of times?

You can install the software any number of times. However, you will only be able to activate the software the number of times specified in your licence agreement.

What if I need to use my product on lots of different machines?

There are a number of options:

  • Purchase a site licence. This will allow you as many activations as the number of licences you have purchased.
  • Purchase a network licence. This will allow you to install the software on a network file server and run it on workstations, without requiring activation on each workstation.
  • Purchase the Dolphin Pen Edition of the software. This will allow you to use your software on any computer without restrictions, other than the fact that you have to take your Pen with you.

What happens if I replace my computer?

If you replace your computer, you will need to re-install and reactivate the software. This will use up a software licence. You will be automatically allowed an additional activation every 6 months, so as long as you don’t upgrade your computer more often than every 6 months you will continue to be able to run the software.

What happens if I change hardware components in my computer?

You will have to re-activate your software if you change any hardware components. However, providing you don’t change more than one piece of major hardware at a time (Ram, CPU, Graphics card, Hard disk, etc), you will be allowed to re-activate the product without loosing a software licence.

What if I need additional licences due to exceptional circumstances?

Please contact Dolphin if you have any exceptional circumstances.
For example, if your computer is stolen, Dolphin can allocate you another software licence and put a permanent block on any activation’s from your old computer.

How do I Activate?

To Activate, run your software. You will be prompted to activate every time you run your software until you complete the activation process.

How does Internet Activation Work?

Internet Activation connects to the activation server over the Internet and retrieves an activation code. It requires an active Internet connection. The process is quick and simple.

What if I don’t have an Internet connection?

You can activate manually, by contacting your dealer or using a different computer with an Internet connection.

How does Manual Activation Work?

You will need to obtain an activation code based upon your product key. There are two methods of doing this.

  1. Contact your dealer. You will need to give them your product key and they will give you an activation code that you type into the manual activation dialog box.
  2. Contact Dolphin. You will need to provide your product key and we will give you an activation code that you type into the manual activation dialog box.

Can I use the activation code I got from manual activation on more than one device?

No. The activation code is tied to both the serial number of your software and your hardware.

What information is sent to Dolphin when I Activate?

Your product serial number and a hardware identification number (based upon the device you are installing on to) are sent to Dolphin.

If I choose "Remind me Later", when will it remind me?

You will be reminded each time you run your software.

Will I ever need to Activate again?

If you do not change your computer hardware, you will never be prompted to activate again. This means that you can continue to use the software even if you don’t have access to an Internet connection.

What if I Upgrade my software?

If you purchase an upgrade to your Dolphin software, with a matching serial number, you can install the upgrade without needing to re-activate. The software licence is imported from your old version automatically.

What if I need to reinstall my software?

Normally, you should not need to re-activate if you have re-installed.

What if I have to reformat my PC and reinstall everything?

You can reinstall the software. You will have to reactivate. However, because your PC is the same hardware as it was before, the activation server will be able to re-issue you an activation code.