Using a Braille Display with SuperNova

image of an alva braille displayNo previous Braille knowledge required!

Braille has been vital in developing the literacy of people who are blind, ultimately empowering readers to become more confident, competitive and successful in education and employment. A world of electronic content can be instantly translated to Braille using a screen reader combined with a refreshable Braille Controller. Users can also write in Braille and have their input automatically back-translated to regular text.

Speech for speed, Braille for accuracy! While experienced screen reader users find listening to synthetic speech can be convenient for quickly skim reading a document, Braille often provides an extra degree of accuracy essential when spelling or proof reading. Refreshable Braille is also best suited to situations where listening to speech on speakers or headphones is not practical. For example, attending meetings or presentations where it is important to listen or referring to notes while delivering a presentation.

Are you able to support your Braille readers? Do you have the skills to ensure your clients are getting the most from refreshable Braille? Do you know where to start if the Braille stops working?

Who is it for?

  • Teachers supporting students learning Braille
  • Trainers & assessors with clients who use Braille
  • Dealers and resellers of SuperNova and refreshable Braille Controllers

Course Objectives

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Use common Braille terminology to communicate confidently about SuperNova's Braille options
  • Explain what is shown on the Braille display and how to navigate documents and applications using Braille
  • Optimise Braille settings to meet user requirements reading and writing Braille
  • Methodically diagnose common Braille configuration problems

Course Content

  • Clear definitions of common Braille terminology
  • Practical examples of how to recognize Braille symbols and dot positions
  • Walk through connecting and configuring refreshable Braille displays
  • Commands for navigating documents and Windows applications using Braille
  • Customising settings for Reading and Writing Braille
  • Guide to troubleshooting most common problems


1 day course at Dolphin Computer Access in Worcester

Course Prices

This course is offered as a free of charge top up for SuperNova Accredited trainers

250 + VAT as a stand alone course