Flexible licenses that cover more than one school in your LEA?

Feedback from Teachers for the visually impaired and Peri's (Peripatetic Teachers) indicates that most multi user licences are too restrictive because they are site specific and won't accommodate networks, stand alone PCs and laptops under one license.

For this reason, Dolphin offer a "SuperNova District Education Licence" that is specifically designed for Sensory Support Services and teachers purchasing centrally for all visually impaired students in their LEA.  The District Education License offers the following benefits:

  • Additional licences can be added per student, no matter which primary or secondary school in your LEA they study at.
  • Each license entitles your visually impaired student to have access to their SuperNova software on the network, on the stand alone PCs and on their school laptop.  Just buy onelicense per student!
  • Each student receives a full box of media including audio tutorials, large print keyboard stickers, print manuals and a Braille manual (if requested)
  • The additional user licenses cost from as little as 175 and you don’t need to buy a full priced box for each school.
  • Your existing Dolphin licenses and software can be converted into a new District Education license and instantly become more flexible!
  • Trade-in your old speech and magnification software (Dolphin or most others) get a 35% off new licenses.  A good reason to clear out the cupboard!

If you would like more information on SuperNova's District Education Licenses or on converting your existing AT licenses, then please contact our sales department.

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