Think you know Dolphin's UK Support Team?

Polaroid style photos of the support staff at workBehind the voices

Since the mid-1980s, Dolphin has been renowned for high quality friendly product support. Almost 30 years later, Dolphin's commitment to support is stronger than ever. Your dedicated helpdesk team includes people who depend on Dolphin access software for work and leisure. If you need advice, you will not only be speaking with a highly trained UK-based support professional, but also someone who relies on Dolphin software every day.

"I chose SuperNova Magnifier for its ease of use" says Damon who used the software for 3 years before working at Dolphin.

Aj, former GB Blind Football Captain, "I use SuperNova screen reader mainly for work. Personally I change the default speech synthesiser to Eloquence and kick up the speed."

Neil, who has been supporting Dolphin customers for over a decade, explains "As a magnifier user myself, I found I don't always need the tracking options, so I turn them off to optimise performance."

They are a diverse squad whose hobbies include: car shows, cosmology and learning languages. We asked, if a famous person called, who would you want it to be? Answers included such luminaries as: Professor Brian Cox, comedian Lee Mack and singer Cheryl Cole. And when they're not speculating about the stars, the product support team are committed to tackling your questions. Recently the team:

Polaroid photos of the support staff, stacked in a pileRecently:

  • Remotely tweaked SuperNova for a customer, improving compatibility with greeting card software. Cards sent on time. Result!
  • Fixed a Guide Customer's email restoring a valuable means of communication for a gentleman living alone. Marvellous.
  • Resolved various Microsoft Word issues for a SuperNova customer assisting an undergraduate student to complete her dissertation before the deadline. Success.
  • Setup anti-virus software keeping customer applications and information safe. Very wise.

Whatever your goal, Dolphin is keen that you get the most from your software. Tips include:

Hundreds of accessible videos provide a valuable introduction to many of the most popular features of your Dolphin software.

You have answers to common questions at your fingertips: Press F1 Help in Guide or CAPS+F1 Help in SuperNova to open context help that covers everything from formatting documents to browsing web pages.

Stay in the know with the Dolphin Knowledge Base: A searchable database on the Dolphin website contains solutions to issues you might have with your Dolphin product.

Keep current with free automatic updates: Use the Internet Updater to get the latest improvements for your Dolphin software.

Read all about it: Discover useful features you never knew you had by taking time to work through quick reference guides and product documentation.

Don't struggle. If in doubt contact product support by phone or email. If you need extra help we can, on request, connect remotely to your system to resolve any problems. And if support is needed at a particular time, book an appointment and we will call you.

Whatever your situation, our friendly professional support team including: Aj, Dale, Damon, David, and Neil are standing by to take your call between 9AM and 5:30PM Monday to Friday.

UK customers should call 01905 754765 or email

Outside the UK? Dolphin also offer product support from our offices in Norway, Sweden and the United States. Dolphin addresses around the world can be found on our website.

If you purchased from a Dolphin dealer, you should contact them first. Find your local dealer using the Dolphin Dealer Locator.