Dolphin compatibility with Windows Vista

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Dolphin's VISTA Commitment to their Customers & User Choice

Compatibility of Supernova, Hal, LunarPlus and Lunar with Microsoft Windows Vista.

Dolphin customers have long valued the Dolphin ethos that users should have access to the same first-rate functionality available at the same affordable price, irrespective of which Windows operating system their PC has installed. This certainly holds true, as Dolphin announces its Vista support in the form of version 8.01.

It's Simple - One price, support for all 5 Vista Editions.

SuperNova, Hal, LunarPlus and Lunar version 8.01 will offer the same excellent functionality as version 7.03, but will introduce support for the Home Basic, Home Premium, Business, Ultimate and Enterprise editions of Vista, as well as continuing to support Windows XP Home and XP Professional.

"Why should visually impaired people continually have to compromise? Our users want their favourite Dolphin software to access all of the new Vista editions" explains Hazel Shaw, Group Marketing Manager for Dolphin. "Following 12 months of extensive Vista beta testing for Microsoft, V8.01 will offer this no compromise solution."

Dolphin’s Vista Guarantee

Scheduled for early 2nd quarter of 2007, v8.01 demonstrates Dolphin’s commitment to ensuring that visually impaired people retain their right to choice.

"Customers who purchase their Dolphin product after the official release of MS Vista will be entitled to a free upgrade to v8.01. Version 8.01 will also be localised immediately and available in all the current version 7 languages." 

"Existing version 7 customers can also upgrade free of charge should they decide to upgrade their PC to one of the five Vista editions.  Similarly version 7 users that decide against upgrading to Vista will not be charged more for not moving to v8.01 when future upgrades become available. Our primary goal is to maintain our user's choice"

Dolphin requests that new Dolphin customers, purchasing after the official release of Vista, and existing version 7 customers that decide to upgrade their PCs to Vista, should register their interest with their local Dolphin dealer or alternatively by emailing  

Terms & Conditions

  • The free upgrade to v8.01 will be available for download only from the Dolphin website.  Please be aware that the file size will be relatively large and a reasonable Internet connection speed will be required.
  • The free upgrade will only be available for 60 days after the official release of v8.01. 
  • After the 60 days the upgrade will become chargeable at the normal upgrade price for the Dolphin product.  Visit the Dolphin website for upgrade price details.
  • The free upgrade is restricted to registered Dolphin users with v7.01, v7.02 & 7.03 serial numbers.
  • V8.01 will not include additional functionality and is therefore only suitable for customers moving to the Vista operating system.
  • V7 customers that do not upgrade their operating system to Vista and therefore do not move to v8.01 will NOT be penalised financially when purchasing future upgrades.
  • Dolphin and Dolphin's local agents can not accept responsibility for email notification of the release of version 8.01 not reaching the customer due to spam filters and other problems.
  • Pen customers should note there may be a nominal charge to cover post and packaging costs.

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