Version 8.01 for Vista FAQs

I have version 6 and want to move to v8.01 with Vista support, is this free?

No, v8.01 is only a free upgrade for v7 customers and only until September 1st 2007.  V6 and earlier customers must pay the normal Dolphin upgrade price.

I am going to wait for the first Vista service pack, before upgrading my PC, what should I do?

There is no reason to download the free upgrade as there is no additional functionality.  We will not penalise for not upgrading your PC to Vista and as and when future upgrades become available, version 7 and version 8.01 customers will be charged the same amount to upgrade. 

I want to download the free upgrade, but the 60 days from the release of v8.01 has passed, what can I do?

The 60 days limit is non negotiable and after September 1st 2007 the standard upgrade price is applicable. Customers that register their interest by emailing Dolphin or contact their local dealer, will be notified when version 8.01 becomes available.

Is this policy different if I have a Dolphin Software Maintenance Agreement?

Dolphin will not automatically send the upgrade out to SMA owners because we anticipate that many of the multi user license owners will not be upgrading their networks and PCs to Vista until later in the year.  However should a SMA owner require the upgrade to support Vista, this is available to them free of charge and is not restricted to the 60 days.

What Operating systems will version 8.01 support?

Version 8.01 will support Windows Vista Home Basic, Vista Home Premium, Vista Business & Vista Ultimate, Windows XP Home and Windows XP Professional.  Customers looking for support for Windows 98, ME, NT & 2000 will continue to be able to run or purchase version 7.

When is version 8.01 with Vista Support due for release?

Dolphin anticipates a release date in early 2nd quarter 2007. 

My Dolphin software is a localised version and not English, is the upgrade different for me?

Version 8 will be released in all of the currently available v7 languages almost immediately.  However please note that the prompt files will only be translated and that the 8.01 manual will not be upgraded or localised to your language.  Future chargeable upgrades will introduce the availability of an upgraded & localised manual.