CCTV and magnification on the move

Use your CCTV and work on a magnified desktop at the same time with Dolphin's Lunar v7

Your compact CCTV is a fantastic tool for magnification on the move. But did you know that you could make it an even more useful part of your life by using the latest software to help you work with it more effectively? Dolphin's Lunar 7 magnification software complements your CCTV and laptop brilliantly because it provides you with the added benefit of a magnified Microsoft Windows desktop to work with, on a split screen.

For students using split screen it is easier to write up notes and finish assignments faster

With Lunar 7 you can look at whatever your CCTV is magnifying on one side of the laptop screen - for example, worksheets with small print or questions in a textbook. And on the other part of your screen you can work on a magnified document or web page - making it easier to write up notes quickly or do online research.

Lunar screenshot showing google magnified