Unlocking Dolphin Software FAQs

What is unlocking?

An unlock code converts your demo or trial software (download or CD) into a full product and creates your own unique serial number. In effect you are purchasing a license for the software.

Why do I need to unlock a demo?

If you wish to make full use of your Dolphin software after the trial period is over you need to unlock it. To do this you must purchase an unlock code.

Why have Dolphin introduced this?

Making demo versions of our software unlockable to the full product means that you can continue to enjoy using your software after the trial period has passed without the hassle of downloading or installing another file or waiting for a CD to arrive in the post. You can simply unlock and carry on. This obviously has big benefits for customers who would normally pay carriage charges to ship boxed software overseas.

Where can I get an unlock code for my demo?

You can purchase an unlock code direct from Dolphin, order your unlock online at www.YourDolphin.com or via your local Dolphin dealer.

I have my unlock code, how do I use it?

When your Dolphin demo software launches it will present you with a screen which describes which demo you are running, how many days remain before your trial period ends and the Dolphin contact details. To unlock the demo, simply select the "Unlock Now" button and a new dialogue will be displayed where you are able to enter your 25 digit unlock code. Your demo is now unlocked and is a full licensed version. See screenshots of the unlocking process.

Can I unlock a demo after the trial period has passed?

Yes. The trial period for your Dolphin demo will only last the set number of days, however you are able to unlock your demo after the trial period has passed.

What if I get a new PC or laptop and need to reinstall my Software?

Just reinstall the demo version of the software you purchased and use the same unlock code from the first installation. This will apply the same serial number to your computer.

Is there a limit to how many times I can install and unlock my software?

No, in theory you could install your demo software and unlock this any number of times. However the activation process prevents you from running your unlocked demo on more than your licensed number of hardware.

We have a multi user license of Dolphin software, will each installation use the same unlock code?

Yes. Your multi user license is based on one serial number and therefore uses the same unlock code. The activation process is what prevents you from making too many installations.

What if I lose or forget my unlock code?

Dolphin recommends you keep your demo software and unlock code safe. However if you do lose your unlock code, please contact Dolphin or your Dolphin dealer.

What happens if I don’t unlock?

If you do not unlock your demo software it will stop working at the end of the trial period.

Will I ever need to unlock again?

If you do not change your computer, or upgrade your Dolphin software you will not need to unlock it again.

If I upgrade my software to a new version do I need to unlock it again?

Yes. But if you are just applying a free update patch you will not need to unlock anything.

What if I need to reinstall my software?

Reinstall the demo of your software and apply your original purchased unlock code.

How has Unlock codes changed the way organisations provide Dolphin Software?

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