Corporate Social Responsibility

At Dolphin we feel proud to be in a position where we can be socially responsible by just doing our job well.  This has always prompted us to try that little bit harder to make things happen.

For Dolphin, Corporate Social Responsibility is about helping people over and above our commercial responsibilities.   We have chosen to do this in two ways:

  1. To improve awareness about alternative formats (for readers who struggle with reading printed text).
  2. To help to provide low cost assistive technology in Africa and other developing countries.

Alternative Formats

Alt Format logo70% of reading material comes in the form of printed text.  Just 4% of this reading matter is available in alternative formats, leaving people who have vision or literacy impairments unable to access 96% of printed material.  Dolphin, in association with blindness, dyslexia organizations and literacy groups around the world, created an information portal ( to address the information gaps for these readers, their families, helpers and teachers and those tasked with creating alternative formats.

We are grateful to Rt Hon David Blunkett for his support in this cause.

Subsidized Sales to Africa

Photo of Lawrence in South Africa reproduced with kind permission from SightsaversTogether with the RNIB and Sightsavers, Dolphin is delighted to be able to Support the Sightsavers Dolphin Pen project, supporting sales of subsidized combined screen readers and magnifiers into Africa.