Product Improvement Programme

tesDolphin constantly strives to ensure that the software solutions we produce deliver independence to our customers. To help in the development and design of future products, Dolphin conducts regular usability tests and focus groups with a selection of our customers.

Dolphin software is used throughout the World and for this reason it is impossible for us to gather customer feedback in person from all of our customers. To offer the opportunity for all of our users to contribute to the future development of their Dolphin software, Dolphin has created the Product Improvement Programme.

The Product Improvement Programme has been designed to collect anonymous data on how our customers use the software. This will enable all of our customers the chance to contribute to the future design, development and overall usability of future new releases.

The Product Improvement Programme will enable Dolphin to collect data about how you use your Dolphin software and any problems that you may encounter. Your data will be collated with data from other users and this will help Dolphin solve any problems you might be experiencing as well as helping Dolphin improve future versions.

I am interested in contributing to the Product Improvement Programme, how do I join?

The Product Improvement Programme is open to SuperNova, Hal, Lunar, LunarPlus, EasyReader and EasyConverter users and during the initial setup process of your software, you will automatically be invited to join.

You can also opt-in to the Product Improvement Programme at any time by simply clicking on the "Help" tab within the control panel of your Dolphin software and then scrolling down and selecting "Customer Feedback".

Is the Product Improvement Programme spyware?

No, Dolphin takes the privacy and security of its customers very seriously. Spyware can collect information or take actions from your computer without your consent. The Product Improvement Programme will only provide data to Dolphin if you choose to participate within the programme.

Please see Dolphin's privacy policy for more information.

Will I be able to see what data is sent to Dolphin before it leaves my computer?

If you wish to view the data that will be sent to Dolphin, they will be stored in XML format within the files area of your computer.

Will Dolphin pass on any of the data to third parties?

Absolutely not. Dolphin regards this data as private and confidential, therefore Dolphin will not divulge, transfer or sell on any data about any of its customers.

What type of data will Dolphin be collecting?

To ensure that Dolphin develops features and functionality that will benefit our customers, Dolphin is looking to collect data in a number of areas. These include the popularity of certain functionalities within the software, the way features are used within applications and how our customers prefer to access features. Dolphin will also collect data to report the unlikely event of an error occurring whist Dolphin software is in use.

Which Dolphin producta include the option to join the Product Improvement Programme?

Currently SuperNova, Hal, Lunar, LunarPlus, EasyReader and EasyConverter all include the option to sign up for the Product Improvement Programme. Dolphin Guide, Dolphin Guide HandsFree, Dolphin Publisher, EasyProducer and SaySo do not currently include this option.