51st ACB Full Steam Ahead 2012 Conference (Conference/Convention) United States

Date: 6th July 2012 to 14th July 2012

Time: 09:00 to 18:00

Venue: Galt House Hotel and Suites,
Louisville, Kentucky, United States

Event description:

Join Dolphin's Jeff Bazer at ACB's 51st Conference entitled, 'Full Steam Ahead!'ACB logo

New to computing & losing your sight? Try Dolphin Guide - simple talking computing for people that are blind or partially sighted.

Meet Andrew Main , a guide user celebrated as National Senior Learner of the Year 2011. 

Or browse our Guide video library where you can meet Guide and other Guide users.

Meet SuperNova: Watch our introductory video to SuperNova's magnification, speech and Braille for every visual impairment. Or why not explore in more detail:


See the following Dolphin products at this event:

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