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Knowledge Base

Dolphin's official product Knowledge Base is a searchable database containing solutions to issues you might have with your Dolphin product. This area is regularly updated. Simply type the search term into the box below. For example "video card":

Latest Articles

Q0470:  Guide displays an error message when starting: “Runtime Error 13” (Type Mismatch)
Guide displays the above error message and fails to load successfully.

Q0469:  Guide displays an error message when starting: “Runtime Error 76” (Path Not Found)
Guide displays the above error message and fails to load successfully.

Q0468:   SuperNova does not announce taskbar items or text entered into the Run dialog box on a Windows 8 touch screen device such as a tablet.
When navigating controls on the Windows 8 Taskbar or when entering text into the “Run…” dialog box, there is no speech or Braille output.

Q0467:  When printing letters or documents from within Guide, the resulting printouts appear with black text printed on a black background.
Guide prints out documents with a black background.

Q0466:  Error in installation line 330. Registration error. Access Denied.
The above error message is displayed when attempting to install SuperNova on a Pc that has McAfee antivirus installed

Most Popular Articles

Q0465:  SuperNova hangs on the splash (loading) screen and fails to start with no error message displayed.
When you attempt to start Supernova on a Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 PC, the splash screen is displayed but this remains onscreen indefinitely and Supernova does not load.

Q0460:  Unexpected behaviour when pressing buttons on a Dolphin Keyboard
When you press buttons on a Dolphin keyboard, they do not perform the expected action, for example pressing the Dolphin button results in the Windows Calculator opening.

Q0450:  Disabling buttons in the SaySo toolbar
SaySo version 1.04 and later now includes the option to disable buttons from the toolbar. This is particularly useful for schools, who may want to remove some of the spell checking features for use in exams (for example). Once turned off, the feature doesn’t appear at all on the toolbar.

Q0445:  Video Card Requirements for running SuperNova on Windows 8.
This article describes the requirements for video card capability to successfully run SuperNova 13.5x and higher on a Windows 8 PC.

Q0435:  Finding your version and serial number
How to find your version and serial number in Guide


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