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Knowledge Base Article Number: Q0234

Created On: 18 Mar 2009

Speech only works within the Dolphin Control Panel and is muted in all other application windows.

Applies to:

  • PC’s with HomeNet Manager installed, some Dell PC’s with Dell Network installed.
  • SuperNova Magnifier & Screen Reader
  • SuperNova Pro
  • SuperNova Magnifier
  • SuperNova Magnifier & Speech
  • ScreenReader
  • Hal Pro
  • Dolphin Pen


Speech only works within the Dolphin Control Panel. EZI_HNM2.exe is always listed as the running application within the Dolphin Control panel status bar, therefore no other focus is detected. While Lunar doesn’t use speech, it may affect the tracking. There is a conflict between ezi_hnm2.exe and the Dolphin software. This program is used by HomeNet Manager and Dell Network Assistant, so users of Dell Machines may experience this problem.


HomeNet Manager is used to set up a secure Home Network for file and printer sharing, including both Wired and Wireless connections. Dell Network Assistant does the same thing, and may come preinstalled on some Dell Computers. To resolve the conflict we advise that you uninstall HomeNet Manager or Dell Network Assistant. For further assistance in resolving contact Dolphin Technical support on 0845 150 5454 or email

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