Dolphin Newsletter - February 2004



  1. New Maps released.
  2. 19th Annual CSUN Conference.
  3. What's the difference?
  4. Exhibitions.
  5. Staff News.


New Maps released.

The latest set of new maps for version 5.30 and 5.21 software is now available via the Internet Updater. They can also be obtained from the Dolphin web site.

The list is as follows.

New Maps:

  • Sage Line 50 v1
  • Sage Line 50 v9
  • Sage Instant Accounts Plus
  • Sage Report Designer v1

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19th Annual CSUN Conference.

The next major international show that Dolphin will exhibit at is CSUN Technology & Persons with Disabilities which runs in Los Angeles from 17th - 20th March. We will be previewing all the latest developments in screen reading and magnification technology, as well as our latest DAISY book creation and reading software tools.
If you plan to visit CSUN, please come along and see us on stand 317-318 in the Marriott Imperial Ballroom.

Dolphin will also be presenting the following papers at the conference:

  • New Developments in Access Technology, on Thursday at 10.40am in the LAX Hilton, Newport C room.
  • EaseReader and EasePublisher - Digital Authoring Tools, on Saturday at 09.20am in the LAX Hilton, Los Angeles Ballroom.

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What's the difference?

Customers often ask questions about Dolphin terminology - the following descriptions may help.

Live focus and Virtual focus

  • Live focus follows the visible application focus at all times. This might be the cursor, a dotted line, or a blue highlight.
  • Virtual focus is a review mode and offers keyboard access where there is no cursor or other application focus.

Situation settings and settings files

  • A settings file allows you to save your speech, magnification and Braille preferences for a particular application.
  • A situation setting allows you to save your preferences for a particular dialog or window within an application.

Map files and settings files

  • A map file contains information that tells the screen reader how to operate with a particular application. This typically includes detection settings, custom hotkey's, monitor markers and Braille hooks.
  • A settings file contains user preferences for a particular application. This typically includes verbosity settings, magnification level & style, colour, punctuation and other speech settings.

Physical and logical (Braille)

  • Physical mode displays the visible position of items on the screen, line by line. If two objects appear on the same line, both are displayed whether they are associated or not.
  • Logical mode displays current focus information and associated text on a single line, even if on-screen the text appears above or below the focus. If there are two objects on the same line, only the item which has the current focus is displayed.

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  • 25th Feb - Isle of Wight (Isle of Wight Society for the Blind)
  • 17th March - Leeds (Reveal 2004)

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Staff News.

Congratulations to Hazel Shaw on the safe arrival of her baby girl. Both Mother and daughter are doing well!

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