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Finding the Balls to Step Up for a Blindfolded Penalty Shootout

12th March 2015

Red Nose Day Friday 13 MarchStaff at a Worcester company are donning blindfolds and attempting to score against a sighted goalkeeper at Brickfields this Friday afternoon to raise cash for Comic Relief.

A players hand is placed on the ball and the goal posts are tapped enabling blindfolded penalty takers to aim shots on target.

The Blind Folded Shootout was the brainchild of former Paralympic blind footballer Aj Ahmed. The University of Worcester Sports Science Graduate is now employed by Dolphin Computer Access in Blackpole. Based in Worcester since 1986, and with offices in North America and Scandinavia, Dolphin is a world leader in the development of specialist technology enabling blind and partially sighted people to: achieve academically, run businesses and regain independence.

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READ ALL ABOUT IT! Your Daily News Delivered with Dolphin Guide

3rd March 2015

Hundreds of local and national newspapers are now fully accessible to blind and partially sighted people enjoying...

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Accessible Reading Made Easy for Blind and Low Vision at CSUN 2015

25th February 2015

Discover Dolphin Guide, SuperNova and EasyConverter at the thirtieth annual California State University conference on technology and...

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