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Shadow Minister for Disabled People Visits Dolphin

24th November 2014

Kate Green MP watching Dolphin's Dave Williams using  Dolphin software

Kate Green MP, Shadow Minister for Disabled People, visited Dolphin’s HQ in Worcester on Monday and liked Dolphin Guide more than the announcements you get on the train.

“We are thrilled Kate recognises Dolphin as a world leader in the development of assistive technology, transforming the lives of blind and partially sighted people, not just in the UK, but around the world.” Said Hazel Shaw, Dolphin Director of Marketing.

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Free update for all Guide 9 customers

10th November 2014

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SuperNova 14.03 makes more books accessible for blind and partially sighted people

8th September 2014

SuperNova 14.03 has been released to expand reading opportunities for blind and partially sighted students.Thousands of books...

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