EasyProducer featured at E-Guides National Event 2007

Harrow Visual Impairment Service leading by example

2nd Apr, 2007

The two day event, held in March was aimed at providing up-to-the-minute input about adult learning and e-learning issues for managers and practitioners. So it was ideal for Dolphin products to be presented as a solution to these issues.

Speaking about Dolphin were peripatetic teachers Louise Hamilton and Surroje Randhawa. Their session was aimed at gaining awareness of how Dolphin EasyProducer can be used in combination with MP3 players, within a learning enviroment and the exact use of EasyProducer. This was followed by actually listening to a DAISY book using EasyReader and then an MP3 player so people could hear what they sounded like.

By all accounts the session was very well received and it certainly opened a few eyes as to what Dolphin software can do and how effective it is at helping people who are visually or print impaired.