EasyConverter excites at the 2007 AltFormat Conferences

30th Apr, 2007

With Dolphin's continued sponsorship of the AltFormat conferences, we are pleased to say this year's events lived up to all expectations. With large numbers attending at each venue, delegates were treated to a varied and interesting look at the problems and solutions surrounding the provision of Alternative Formats.

Up last, but by no means least, was Steve Bennett - Dolphin's Sales Director, who had the honour of unveiling our latest software, EasyConverter.

Delegates were intrigued as it quickly converted PDFs and imported text into DAISY books, MP3 and Large print files. It will also provide Braille output, Steve explained, "if you have Duxbury, WinBraille or your preferred Braille translation software and embosser connected."

Hopefully it was useful to all those who attended and if you didn't attend, you can visit the altformat website to read the speaker's notes.