EasyConverter released - creating accessible info just got easier

29th May, 2007

A selection of playing cards with various altformats detailed on eachDolphin Computer Access today launched an innovative new software product, designed to help visually impaired people, dyslexic students and anyone with reading difficulties.  EasyConverter is Dolphin’s flagship altformat creation tool and converts paper documents, PDFs, Word files and text files into the favourite format of a student, employee or customer.

Braille, Large print, MP3 Audio & DAISY – No Expertise Required

EasyConverter is simple to use for those with no altformat creation experience, create Braille, large print, MP3 Audio & DAISY in the click of a button. Equally experienced professionals looking for a single flexible high quality altformat creation tool, will find huge timesaving benefits.  Susan is a teacher for the Visually Impaired in the South East and has been creating Braille and large print for many years, but explains why she now users EasyConverter.

I like that you can see where you are in the process and that you can save a project and come back to finish later. I like having all the processes involved in the task of producing the final product brought together in one place. I think EasyConverter is simple to use and with the time saved I am creating more alternative format materials.”

EasyConverter – More than just Altformats

EasyConverter offers teaching professionals the opportunity to exactly meet the alternative format needs of their students, giving them the chance to reach their true potential.  Susan explains her motivations.

“I do think it is very important for the students to have access to high quality materials. I certainly notice a difference in the way they work if there has been an unforeseeable problem that means they don’t have access to the material at the same time as their peers. Apart from anything else, it removes their opportunity to work independently and forces them to be dependent on others which is not fair. When the students are always dependent on an adult Learning Support Assistance for access to text, it has big implications for their social skills and street cred and can result in them being isolated.”

Offer Your Students or Pupils the Choice they Deserve

EasyConverter is the first tool in the world to adopt a total solution approach that can meet just about any formatting challenge, giving the versatility to offer every student the choice they deserve.  Cater for a full spectrum of ages and disabilities from early years through to University, for blind students, pupils with low vision, dyslexic learners and those with reading difficulties. 

“I always avoided audio in the past as it was time consuming and the results weren’t usually that good. I was usually too embarrassed to give the tapes to my students. However, thanks to EasyConverter creating Daisy and MP3, this is no longer a concern.  My students have noticed a difference, they were offered revision materials as MP3 files or Daisy and they liked that idea - but whether they revise remains to be seen!”

Meet the Growing Legislation on Inclusion

EasyConverter enables you to offer your students their learning materials in the alternative format of their choice and at the same time as their peers, ensuring that you meet the growing legislation on Inclusion.  Whether you are working with students in the UK under the DDA & the recent Disability Equality Duty, or are US based and covered by Section 508, meeting the individual needs of a student is not only critical, but also their legal right. Rory Cobb the Curriculum Access Development Officer at the RNIB explains.

“EasyConverter is an exciting new piece of software with the potential to transform the production of accessible learning materials for students with visual and print impairments. The ability to convert documents swiftly and accurately into a range of alternative formats opens up a whole range of new possibilities for meeting needs on an individual basis.” 

Continuing Innovation – What more would you Expect from Dolphin?

Hazel Shaw from Dolphin reveals the future of EasyConverter. 

“The EasyConverter development schedule is packed with major improvements and enhancements and Dolphin is keen that early adopters of EasyConverter are not left behind by our fast ongoing innovation.  We are therefore offering the first 200 EasyConverter customers that purchase a 12-month SMA, 2 free major upgrades and numerous updates free of charge, before their 12-month SMA even commences!”

“The first 200 EasyConverter SMA customers will receive free and priority access to the first two product upgrades, as well as all of the future improvements released during the 12 month SMA period. When new upgrades are released, the early adopters and SMA owners will immediately access the growing range of EasyConverter settings, alternative media formats and latest alt format functionality."

Grow your Skills with A Like Minded Community

Cartoon image of people thinking and sharing ideasDiane Hiorth-Persson, EasyConverter’s Product Manager, plans to listen to the feedback of the EasyConverter early adopters.

“Early adopters of EasyConverter are also invited to join the EasyConverter Community Discussion Group where Altformat creation novices and professionals can share success stories, swap resources, receive tips, converse direct with the Dolphin development team and play a part in the future enhancements of EasyConverter.”