v7 users - Register soon for your FREE upgrade to v8 with Vista support

15th Aug, 2007

Version 8 Box ProductThere are only two weeks to go to for version 7 users to register for Dolphin's amazing offer of a FREE upgrade to version 8 with support for Windows Vista and Windows XP.

If you are the owner of a version 7 CD licence, Dolphin Pen or multi user licence of Supernova, Hal, Lunar or LunarPlus then now is the time to contact the Dolphin Sales Department or your local Dolphin dealer.

Register your serial number, contact details and email address by Friday 31st August 2007 and you will receive your own personal unlock code by email. Then simply download a version 8 demo from the Dolphin website and your unlock code will convert your download into a full version 8 licence, complete with your serial number.

So don't forget and register soon!

Confused which version you need? Read the version 7 or version 8 FAQs.

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