EasyConverter version 3 release date announced as 12th March 2008

7th Mar, 2008

Dolphin Computer Access is delighted to announce the launch date of version 3 of EasyConverter as Wednesday 12th March. As the world’s most flexible AltFormat creation tool, EasyConverter has already proved itself as an essential tool in any alternative format creation department. Version 3 now offers new and existing users a host of new features, including a brand new fully integrated Braille engine.

Read on to find out what's new in version 3 for you?

All New Braille Support

EasyConverter version 3.01 includes the functionality to convert your documents into Braille in a matter of seconds by incorporating its own powerful internal Braille translator and editor.  The user now has opportunity to choose from 16 different language profiles including:  UK English grades 1 & 2, US English grades 1 & 2, Swedish grades 1 & 2, German grades 1, 1.5 & 2, French grades 1 & 2 and Unified English Braille grades 1 & 2.

All New Support for Duplex Scanners

Version 3 includes support for Duplex Scanners doubling the speed at which you can scan your volumes of paper.

Easier Identification of Preview Button

EasyConverter Preview buttonAfter careful review of customer feedback, the preview button has been changed to a clearer, simplified version.  In version 3.01 you will be able to switch the preview in word feature on or off by simply clicking on the on/off button in the preview graphic, rather than a tick symbol in previous versions of EasyConverter.  A focus ring has been added to all the buttons to enable you to quickly and easily identify when a button has been clicked, ensuring an accidental click on the button can be quickly rectified.

Increased Lexicon Support

Add Lexicon's dialogue box screenshotIncreased Lexicon support has been incorporated into the software solution to enhance the pronunciation of the spoken text during playback.  For each lexicon entry it is now possible to decide if it should be applied on the whole or only part of a word as well as if it should be case sensitive or not.

Burn Multiple DTB's onto an Audio CD

Version 3.01 offers the opportunity for the user to write several Digital Talking Books (DTBs) files onto a single CD. 

When creating a DTB the user can select to either make an Audio CD (CD-A disc), this means it can be played on any CD player. Or alternatively create a Data CD/DVD with the current DTB + previously saved DTBs.

Burn Multiple MP3's onto an Audio CD

Within the create MP3 options there is a new feature that enables you to create an Audio CD from your MP3.  This feature offers you the opportunity to burn your files onto an Audio CD which can then be played by any CD player.  Offering you the independence to decide when and where you want to listen to your converted document, whether it’s in your home or in the car the choice is entirely up to you.

Take your DTB with You

portable DAISY player buttonThe ability to send your DTB’s directly to a portable DAISY player from EasyConverter, offers you the opportunity to playback the DTB anywhere and anytime.  The development of portable DAISY players has flourished during the past year with Classmate and the Stream series from Humanware being a couple of the most popular models available today.

Additional Duxbury Support

Additional support for Duxbury 10.6 SP4 has been included.  If this version of Duxbury is installed on your operating system then it will be automatically detected as a usable external Braille convertor through the "Settings" section of the interface.

Microsoft Save as DAISY Support

The DAISY XML (DTBook) created using the Microsoft "Save as DAISY" add-in can be input into EasyConverter version 3.01 to produce complete DAISY books with full text and audio.  For further information on Dolphin's perspective of this new DAISY XML format please read the article, http://www.Yourdolphin.com/newsitem.asp?id=247.

Enhanced Screen Reader Accessibility

To enhance accessibility for all of EasyConverter’s visually impaired users, the status bar has been developed so that it can grab the focus from the screen reader.  You can now tab into the status area during the idle and converting process.

Additional Help Button

A “Help” button has also been added in the “Settings” dialog.  Selecting this button will produce the same results as pressing F1.

Additional Support for JAWS users

Whilst Dolphin's SuperNova and Hal screen readers are immediately compatible with EasyConverter , the JAWS screen reader needs a little extra help.  To this end Dolphin have created a script which will enable JAWS to work with EasyConverter and for your convenience this script has been saved on your version 3 product CD.

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