FREE update for v9 users of Supernova, Hal, Lunar and LunarPlus

24th Jul, 2008

Dolphin today announces the immediate availability of version 9.03 of Dolphin's: Hal screen reader, Supernova screen reader/magnifier, Lunar magnifier and LunarPlus enhanced magnifier. (Please note version 9.03 Network updates will be released shortly.)

Version 9.03 of your Dolphin access software is available as a free update for all existing version 9 customers and will be made available shortly via the "Update from Internet" option found from the "Map" menu of your Lunar/LunarPlus/Supernova/Hal control panel.

Version 9.03 builds on Dolphin's commitment to delivering unparalleled magnification, speech and Braille access to the Microsoft Windows XP and Microsoft Windows Vista platforms including support for a vast range of off-the-shelf main stream Windows applications.

Version 9.03 works more reliably with a greater range of web pages, has numerous user interface and performance tweaks, changes in Arabic and Hindi support, updates to the Dolphin scripting engine and includes other miscellaneous improvements suggested by Dolphin customers since the release of version 9.

Internet Explorer support:

  • Further improvements to Navigating by line on specific web pages.
  • Resolved issues with clicking links on specific web pages.
  • Added further refresh checks for javascript to suppress automatic page reloads.
  • Changes to refresh page and frames redetect after F5 pressed.
  • Table navigation, added fix to move left if a blank cell is present.
  • Better remembers position on web pages by improving reliability of Virtual Focus position persistence.

General interface:

  • Shortcut keys can now be announced on menu bars.
  • Added Inverse colour scheme to pull down menus.
  • Resolved issue where List utility could be incomplete if taskbar was at top or left of the screen.
  • Corrected a prompt in character repeats dialog.


  • Better memory handling in Dolphin logon service.
  • Improved Memory management on closedown.


  • Improvements to the way numbers are spoken in Arabic.
  • Demo version can now be in Arabic.
  • Resolved Glyph replacement issue, benefits Hindi.

Dolphin Scripting:

  • Resolved potential naming conflict Between comments and Event functions.
  • Calls to the script function GetSpeechString no longer cause spurious speech to be sent to the synthesiser.
  • Dolphin scripts now using new naming conventions.
  • More than 45 other fixes and improvements to the scripting engine.