A Blind Woman, Two Wheels and 25,000 Miles - Tour Update

12th Nov, 2008

Picture of Catherine on the motorbike in the Swiss AlpsThe Blind woman, Two wheels and 25,000 world tour appears to be going well, although with a huge hiccup regarding entry to Iran.

Dolphin is delighted that by donating a laptop, MS Office and a copy of Dolphin's screen reader, Hal, Catherine & Bernard (her driver) are able to keep all of their friends back home bang up-to-date on the incredible experience they are having.

Since departing in early August Catherine and Bernard have without too much trouble navigated the roads of Western & Eastern Europe and are currently in Pakistan before heading to India. They have also managed to visit several Visually Impaired organisations throughout Europe, including the Guide Dogs of Paris and Paris Region centre.

For further updates and to find out just what the hiccup was regarding entry to Iran, please read Catherine and Bernard's fascinating tour update at www.worldtour.org.uk.