A Blind Woman, Two Wheels and 25,000 Miles - Tour Update from Nepal

17th Dec, 2008

Cathy using Hal to access Skype to ring her sister from NepalThe Blind woman, Two wheels and 25,000 miles world tour update.

After many thousands of miles and 4 months on the road, Cathy & Bernard are currently taking a well earned break for Christmas in Pokhara, Nepal.

According to Cathy it is definitely time for a rest after travelling over some horrendous roads in the more out the way areas of Pakistan and India, as Kathy explains:

"The road surfaces often had potholes deep enough to lose the bike in and going on for up to 50 miles at a stretch. The hammering the bike took is impossible to describe."

Dolphin sponsored www.WorldTour.org.uk by providing a laptop, MS Office and a copy of Dolphin's screen reader, Hal.

"Using the dolphin equipment supplied it has enabled us to plug into the world whenever we could access a portal, Hal continues to be my window into the world. Allowing me to independently access anything I need."

Cathy has even been able to keep in touch with friends and family back home:

"We have been able to keep in touch with people by using the computer as a internet based phone system through Skype and Hal functions perfectly with this application Obviously email has also been critical throughout the journey and accessing Microsoft Outlook with Hal has enabled me to keep in touch with our friends and family."

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