Blind entrepreneur wins the accounting challenge with a Dolphin Script

26th Feb, 2009

When blind entrepreneur Terry Bartlett, of Dunedin New Zealand decided to start his own business two years ago,  one of his biggest headaches was finding accounting software he could use.

“I was taking a big risk going out on my own, and it was pretty scary,” recalls the Managing Director of Corner Enterprises Ltd. “I didn’t know how I was going to be able to write quotes, or send out invoices, let alone handle money, reconcile bank accounts, keep track of GST and taxes and so on.

“I jumped on the internet and looked at all the different accounting packages, all the brands you can think of.  But none seemed right to me.  Then I stumbled on Accomplish CashManager, and was able to download a trial version of their accounting software which worked OK on my screen.”

Accomplish CashManager logoTerry found that CashManager was the only accounting software that was not only accessible to him, but also immediately usable.  “At that stage it was not perfect – no software ever is.  But I knew I could get it to work, as I do have a good background in IT and in accessible technology.”

Indeed, Terry’s business is based around teaching clients touch typing, designing web pages,  providing advice on IT and accessible technology, as well as assisting customers with property management and even organizing coal and firewood deliveries in the chilly southern climes with his staff which has now grown to four personnel.

Dolphin Computer Access was only too pleased to create a script file to optimise usability and productivity for all our visually impaired customers looking to use Accomplish CashManager, as Dolphin's Sales Director Steve Bennett explains.

"Starting and running your own business can be tricky enough at the best of times, so having transparent access to the applications you need is essential. Dolphin were able to quickly and simply create a script file that instantly made Accomplish CashManager more intuitive for all our screen reader, screen magnifier and Braille display users. That script file is now available to all our users to download free of charge."

Terry concludes:  “Creating your own business is quite scary, but also very exciting.  I would like to encourage those of you who feel you aren’t achieving as much as you would like to, to contact me.  I would love to assist you in beginning something that will be highly fulfilling, wherever it may lead.”

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