Successful end of a world-record journey to Australia

Miles Hilton Barber - Successful end of a world-record journey to Australia

28th May, 2007

Tropical storm, snow blizzards and violent turbulences didn't stop Miles Hilton-Barber from completing his once-in-a-lifetime journey and landing in Sydney on Monday, 30 April 2007.

"It's the fulfilment of an amazing dream" said Miles after landing at Sydney's Bankstown airport.

Since starting in March, Miles has flown his way through France, Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Jordan, Saudi, Qatar, Oman, Pakistan, India, Burma, Thailand and Malaysia, where he has been enthusiastically greeted & welcomed. In Cyprus he was joined by Richard Meredith-Hardy, who was his co-pilot till the end of the journey in Sydney.

Photo: Miles in front of his microlight

Miles started his microlight flight at Biggin Hill Airport near London on 7 March 2007, aiming to raise 1 million for the charity Seeing is Believing, to help cure preventable blindness around the world.

Photo: Map of Miles' journey

His trip was possible thanks to Adrian Sach - Software Express Technical Director, who designed special talking equipment based on Software Express Guide software. The equipment allowed Miles to type in and read map coordinates, as well as providing him with other talking flight instruments including a compass, artificial horizon, altimeter and air speed indicator.