Version 11.02 free update released

16th Jun, 2009

Dolphin today released a free update for all SuperNova, Hal, Lunar and LunarPlus version 11 users.  Version 11.02 includes

What’s new in version 11.02?

FIX: Windows settings were not saved correctly.

FIX: Internet update code was looking for the wrong file name.

FIX: Fix for possible crash in Office when MSAA is scanning links.e.g. Word 2003, when "Getting Started" pane was displayed which contains links to Office Online the MSAA scanning could cause a crash

FIX: Fix for Firefox on Hotmail

FIX: Fixed "Show Supernova Manual" menu item in new SuperNova Help (CAPSLOCK + F1)

FIX: Removed situation management button from application settings dialog.

FIX: CHECK_VARIABLE_MONITOR was being incorrectly returned as a Boolean value.

FIX: Custom button 4 in Dialog.ListBox was returning incorrect button code.

How do I get my free update?

This free update is available automatically via the Dolphin internet updater.  Alternatively some users may prefer to make a manual update and this can be achieved by manually downloading the update patches from the support pages of the Dolphin website.

Update patches for Dolphin Pen users and network license users will be made available shortly.

If you need help ensuring your Dolphin Internet Updater is turned on, please read our simple knowledge base article.

SuperNova v11.02 update - manual download
Hal v11.02 update – manual download
Lunar v11.02 update – manual download
LunarPlus v11.02 update – manual download

Is there anything else I should know?

Yes, please note that this update is only available to Windows XP and Windows Vista users.  This update is not for users working with Windows 7 under the Dolphin public beta test program.  A separate patch for Windows 7 users will be available shortly.

Follow these links to learn more about version 11: