Dolphin release EasyReader version 5

Rediscover DAISY with EasyReader version 5

1st Jul, 2009

Dolphin Computer Access has today announced the immediate availability of the latest release of the world’s favourite software talking book player; EasyReader version 5.01.

EasyReader version 5 has been completely redesigned by Mattias Karlsson; AltFormat Product Manager at Dolphin Computer Access and international DAISY expert. Mattias comments:

“The objectives of EasyReader version 5 were to make EasyReader easier to use, fully accessible to both visually impaired and dyslexic readers, and to cement EasyReader’s rightful status as THE talking book playback tool. To achieve these objectives, we went straight to the core and completely re-engineered EasyReader based on extensive international customer research.”

The new EasyReader version 5 is now incredibly easy and intuitive to use. The brand new user interface stores all of the reader’s settings in a practical tabular panel on the left hand side of the interface. This tabular design, not dissimilar from other recognised document readers, utilises a resizable panel, from which users can select their preferred settings as well as accessing EasyReader’s advanced heading navigation, bookmarking and search functions.

Image of the new Dolphin EasyReader version 5 user interface

This emphasis on ease of use and intuitive design has not deterred Dolphin from adding new functionality to EasyReader. EasyReader version 5 now includes an all new Bookshelf feature, which stores readers recently opened and favourite books, making the process of opening a new book even easier than ever before. Version 5 has also incorporated a brand new Help system which is launched in a cut down version of EasyReader, and a handy setup wizard which ensures that the reader is up and running with their bespoke EasyReader settings in no time at all.

Broadening the appeal of DAISY to a wider audience

The lack of a contemporary or ‘mainstream’ playback device that has been designed intuitively for dyslexic readers represents one of the major barriers to the adoption of DAISY as THE preferred alternative format for learning disabled and dyslexic readers.

Sir Steve Redgrave, five time Olympic gold medal winning rower and ambassador of the campaign for alternative format provision, explains how EasyReader version 5.01 will break these barriers. Sir Steve comments:

“I’m a big supporter of accessing text in combined audio and highlighted text. With research showing that the combination of text and audio can help readers with dyslexia retain information better and improve their exam scores by up to 40%, accessing learning materials as talking books seems like an obvious choice. But EasyReader version 5 really takes talking books to the next level. Not only is EasyReader version 5 incredibly easy to use, but it is packed full of useful features, and looks extremely modern and contemporary too. I can’t think of a more effective and pleasant way to access reading materials than with the new EasyReader.”

Image of EasyReader version 5's new Bookmarks, Play, and Book Voice iconsThe addition of EasyReader’s new clear and distinct graphical icons, new menu bar structure and complete terminology overhaul also mean that the concept of DAISY talking books is now inviting and fully accessible to readers with dyslexia and sight loss.

Accessibility and Usability at the core

Accessibility has been a fundamental priority in the design of EasyReader version 5. For added accessibility, EasyReader’s “speak to me” functionality acts as a mini screen reader, reading out menu items and controls as a reader navigates through the EasyReader user interface. Readers can also use their own screen reading software with EasyReader. EasyReader is fully compatible with Dolphin SuperNova and Hal as well as other popular screen reading software.

EasyReader version 5 represents giant leaps forward in access to DAISY and other talking book materials, and has already received rave reviews from both the dyslexic and visually impaired community. Brian Hartgen, assistive technology industry commentator and accessibility expert comments:

“The accessibility enhancements within EasyReader version 5 make this application a pleasure to use.  Not only is it easy to find all controls within the player by pressing the Tab key, but the staff at Dolphin have put a lot of thought into creating logical and easy to remember shortcut keys.  Accessibility must equal usability and this product ticks both boxes!”

Mattias Karlsson, AltFormat Product Manager at Dolphin Computer Access continues:

“The new EasyReader version 5 is now extremely easy to use and intuitive to both keyboard and mouse users. The contemporary new user interface and icon designs are both visually engaging and fully accessible, and the addition of the all new Bookshelf feature has built on EasyReader’s status as the most feature-rich software talking book player available. Dolphin has received a great deal of rave reviews for EasyReader already, and I for one am really excited about the EasyReader release!”

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