More choice for visually impaired Welsh speaker

Mwy o ddewis i siaradwyr Cymraeg cholled golwg! (Welsh)

1st Feb, 2006

Visually impaired Welsh speakers can at last enjoy access to their PCs in their first and favourite language, Welsh. Translated in cooperation with the RNIB Cymru, Dolphin’s translated Welsh Supernova, Lunar, Hal and LunarPlus were released this week and offers real choice for Welsh speakers.

Version 6.53 offers true flexibility as users can quickly and easily switch to a Welsh Control Panel, Welsh prompts and Welsh menus, and then back to English should you need to. Using version 6.53 demonstrates an organisations real commitment to both the Disability Discrimination Act and the 1993 Welsh Language Act.

Picture of the Welsh control panel

To find out more about Dolphin’s latest version 6.53 software please contact Dolphin.