Colin Shales Champagne SuperNova at Sight Village 2010

7th Jul, 2010

Photo of Colin.Colin Shales first memory of Dolphin Computer Access is a dim and distant Sight Village exhibition in 1998; back in the days when Sight Village was held in the Queen Alexander College buildings and you needed to be an intrepid explorer to find your way around unaided.

However, Colin's first Sight Village was a little different to other peoples:

"Sight Village was the start of big things for me. My sight loss had only just been diagnosed and I was on my first fact finding missions. I am devil for a nice gadget and Sight Village definitely delivered.

"That first year I entered Dolphin's 'Champagne SuperNova' competition, and won! A bottle of bubbles and a copy of SuperNova version 1.01 were mine. I even featured in the Splash newsletter, for those that remember that far back."

12 years on and Colin is still a SuperNova user and will again visit Sight Village. However this year will be another first for Colin, as he is attending as a member of the Dolphin team. Fresh from the Royal National College in Hereford, Colin now works in the marketing department of Dolphin and concentrates on making Dolphin products easy to use.

In celebration of Colin winning the Champagne SuperNova competition at Sight Village 1998, Dolphin is pleased to be running the same 'Champagne SuperNova' competition in 2010!

Simply enter the free prize draw on the Dolphin stand and you too could win a bottle of Champagne and a free copy of SuperNova.

Sight Village is open to all members of the public between 10 am and 4 pm on the 13th, 14th and 15th July in the New Bingley Hall, Birmingham.

Download the Sight Village brochure in the DAISY format (download file size is 40MB)

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