Alternative Media Access Center (AMAC) and Dolphin partner at AHEAD 2010

14th Jul, 2010

AMAC logoUniversities, colleges and government agencies supporting individuals with print related disabilities and vision impairments can now ensure equal and timely access to accessible print materials thanks to a partnership between the Alternative Media Access Center (AMAC) and Dolphin Computer Access.

Announced during the 33rd Annual Association on Higher Education and Disability (AHEAD) 2010 conference in Denver, Colorado, the partnership marks the beginning of a strategic relationship designed to empower organizations to deliver the full range of alternative formats to individuals with learning disabilities, low vision and blindness; including large print, Braille, DAISY and MP3. 

An initiative of the Board of Regents University System of Georgia, AMAC's mission is to improve system wide services for students with print-related disabilities. Housed at the University of Georgia in Athens, AMAC supports and trains post-secondary institutions and government agencies to produce and deliver alternative text accommodations.

Providing cutting edge software tools for the creation and dissemination of alternative formats, Dolphin Computer Access is best known for its DAISY creation expertise delivered in their internationally adopted solutions; Dolphin Publisher to create human narrated DAISY or convert to Braille, large print, MP3 and DAISY formats using EasyConverter. 

Access to high quality and timely alternative formats is at the heart of a student's educational success, as Christopher M. Lee, Director of AMAC explains.

"Access to high quality and timely alternative formats is critical for every print impaired student. Without this access many students are simply unable to read, an essential element of any program."

Vice President for Dolphin Computer Access, Charlie Hamilton explains how this partnership demonstrates Dolphin's commitment to supporting those responsible for creating the alternative text accommodations.

"The team at AMAC is built around many years of practical experience in the creation and delivery of alternative format information.  Working together, Dolphin and AMAC aim to strengthen and share their expertise with professionals tasked with creating Braille, large print, DAISY and MP3s in universities, colleges and government departments.  Product support for Dolphin’s software tools will form one element of this practical assistance.  Advice on sourcing content, creating sustainable workflows, timely delivery and product training will also be readily available."

The new partnership demonstrates both organizations commitment to strengthen the provision of alternative format materials to individuals with vision impairments and learning disabilities.  The partnership's first joint resources are due to be available in October 2010.

Editor Notes:

Alternative Media Access Center (AMAC)

The Alternative Media Access Center(AMAC) is an initiative of the Board of Regents University System of Georgia with a mission to improve system wide services for students with print-related disabilities. Housed at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, AMAC has expanded its services nationwide to include all types of post-secondary institutions and other government agencies. As a membership organization committed to removing social and academic barriers to individuals with physical, sensory, and print-related learning disabilities, AMAC strives toward ensuring that all individuals with print disabilities have equal and timely access to print materials at an affordable cost.

Dolphin Computer Access

Dolphin Computer Access is one of the largest companies in the computer access industry, with over 60 employees in offices in the USA, UK and Sweden and dealers in over 30 countries worldwide.  The company offers a complete range of software solutions, including screen readers, screen magnifiers, DAISY talking book players and alternative format creation tools. Recent innovations include EasyConverter, a single piece of software that enables even a total beginner to create Braille, large print, DAISY talking books and MP3s.  More information about Dolphin is available at:

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