Dolphin launch Publisher v3.01

More flexible inputs and outputs PLUS options to add EasyReader Express

18th Oct, 2010

Dolphin Computer Access is delighted to announce the immediate availability of Dolphin Publisher v3.01; the world's premier tool for creating human narrated DAISY talking books.

Dolphin Publisher v3 offers DAISY talking book producers greater flexibility in creating human narrated DAISY talking books. A number of new input formats are included in version 3.01, as well as the option to output DAISY 3 in addition to DAISY 2.02.

Dolphin's AltFormat Product Manager Mattias Karlsson comments:

Image: Open quotation marksAs with all computer software, Dolphin Publisher needs to keep up with the different supporting formats that customers are demanding. Version 3's support for new input file formats such as DOCX, NIMAS and unprotected EPUB, and the ability to create both DAISY 2.02 and DAISY 3 give DAISY talking book producers more flexibility in providing their readers with a better reading experience."

Also new to Dolphin Publisher v3.01 is a direct link to the Add EasyReader Express website. EasyReader Express adds an Express version of Dolphin's talking book player EasyReader to a DAISY talking book. With EasyReader Express added, readers can instantly open DAISY talking books on a PC with EasyReader Express, or use their preferred DAISY player.

Dolphin Publisher v3.01 customers with an EasyReader Express subscription can now add EasyReader Express whilst building the book in Dolphin Publisher. Mattias continues to explain the benefits of adding EasyReader Express to DAISY talking books:

Image: Quotation marks openEasyReader Express solves a fundamental problem of DAISY talking book distribution; that the reader has always had to invest in their own player in order to enjoy a book in the DAISY format. But with EasyReader Express added, readers can instantly open the DAISY book on their PC, as well as using their preferred player."

Find out more about Dolphin Publisher on the Dolphin website, including a full list of what's new in version 3.01.

Find out more about EasyReader Express on the Dolphin website.