Version 12 is here, meet the new family!

1st Nov, 2010

photo of a computer showing split screen magnification alongside a braille display and speakersNew Dolphin SuperNova logo for version 12.

Dolphin is proud to announce the release of the brand new SuperNova version 12. v12 will initially be available in UK English, US English and Welsh with other language translations due to follow shortly.

SuperNova v12 will enhance the personal productivity of people with visual impairments through a raft of new features, improved application support & ease of use.

Choose the SuperNova edition for you

Dolphin's range of screen readers and magnifiers have been rebranded into a 'family' of SuperNova software tools. There are now four product 'editions' in the SuperNova family whose names are designed to be more descriptive and easier to understand:

This rebrand of Dolphin's screen readers and magnifiers includes a brand new logo and product packaging.

Compare the different SuperNova editions to find the one to suit your individual requirements.